Our Environment

Valenzano Winery's commitment to a healthy and sustainable environment is unparalleled. Over the years our winery has implemented policies and procedures which have significantly reduced our environmental impact. Today we believe that we are the most 'green' winery on the east coast. From producing 100% of our own electricity through solar panels to our unmatched recycling and composting methods, Valenzano Winery continues to demonstrate our desire to be a leader in low-impact, environmentally friendly farm production.

Solar Panels

In 2011 Valenzano Winery installed 350 solar panels placed on about a quarter acre of property for their 85-kilowatt solar electricity system. This 'green' and renewable energy source powers 100% of our electricity needs including our bottling lines, pumps, fans, lighting and HVAC fans. As of October 2011, every bottle of Valenzano Wine was produced & bottled using 100% green solar electricity. The solar panel system is setup so as Valenzano Winery's production and energy demand increase, the solar system can be expanded to meet those future electricity needs. Currently a portion of the solar electricity produced at Valenzano Winery is sent back to the 'grid' and is consumed by other businesses and families in the surrounding area. Not only has Valenzano Winery completely eliminated their dependence on fossil fuel based electricity but we have reduced our neighbor's dependence as well.

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Smaller, More Fuel-Efficient Delivery Vans

Small and medium sized vans are used to deliver Valenzano Winery products to wine stores throughout New Jersey. By using small, more fuel efficient vehicles, Valenzano Winery ensures our trucks always run with full loads which reduces our milage and fuel consumption.

Geothermal Heating & Cooling Systems

GeoThermal Heating/Cooling System uses the Earth's internal temperatures to maintain the optimum environment for our wines and our customers. This revolutionary HVHC system uses the relatively consistent temperature of our underground water supply to heat our facility in the winter and cool it in the summer. A GeoThermal HVHC needs electricity to run its pumps and fans. 100% of the energy used for Valenzano Winery's heating/cooling system is supplied by our solar panels.

Private Recycling

Valenzano Winery pays a premium to have all of their glass bottles recycled by private recycling companies who are capable of recycling the large amounts of glass which we utilize. We also offer a drop off for any of our customers who have large amounts of glass which they are unable to recycle through their town or county.

Vineyard Composting Program

All of the processed grapes, cranberries, blueberries and other fruits used buy the winery are composted and then used as fertilizer as they are spread back into the vineyards and farmlands.