Since 1996 when we made our first commercial batch of wine, our family has grown our passion into our livelihood. Today, we are one of the east coast's largest wine producers, and many would say its most popular. Our wines have won double gold medals from the Indy International Wine Competition, Fingerlakes International Wine Competition along with the NJ Governor's Cup and dozens of prestigious awards.

Based in Shamong, New Jersey, in the center of the Pine Barrens, Valenzano Family Winery maintains 48 acres of farms where we proudly grow our vineyards. We also look locally and nationally, sourcing the freshest and finest fruits imaginable to craft world-class wines that taste best when paired with the right foods and friends.

From a hobby to a reputed winery, visit us and hear our story. Join us for a tasting and to learn more about our wines, our winery, and our approach to winemaking.

Through the 1980′s and early '90′s the Valenzano family grew grapes and made wine as a hobby on their 7-acre farm in Shamong township. After a decade of sharing wine with friends and neighbors, the Valenzano family decided to convert their hobby into a small business. In 1996 Valenzano Winery became Burlington County's first winery.

Valenzano's first vintage was small but sold well. "In 1996 we produced about 1,200 gallons of wine, and thought that was a significant amount". Valenzano Family Winery has since then acquired 2 new farms/vineyards as their vineyards, and winemaking presence expanded year after year. 15 years after their inception Valenzano Wines has become a top sold brand in wine stores throughout New Jersey and is clearly recognized as a leader in east-coast winemaking & viticulture.

In 2006 Valenzano Winery became the first winery to win the coveted Governor's Cup Wine Award 2-years-in-a-row for the same varietal. Valenzano Wines have been highly reviewed in the NY Times and by many national and local wine experts. In 2010 Valenzano Winery hit its 10th year of a minimum of 50% growth. Valenzano winery is now the leading producer and distributor of east coast wines in New Jersey. Intentions to invest in new production technology and winemaking systems will ensure their goal as remaining a leader in New Jersey winemaking and distribution.

"We believe that the success of our brand is due to the fact that we don't get too caught up in meaningless accolades and 'group think' regarding wine. We make wines that are original, of the highest quality at affordable pricing. Valenzano is known for setting trends - not copying them! We also produce a line of specialty wines that have introduced an entirely new generation and market of people to wines. Our customers appreciate the efforts we put into our winery and they know that we are the type of business who will do what is necessary to keep our customers happy", says Theresa Valenzano who has been part of the winery tasting room experiences since the 1990's.

The commitment to customer service has gone as far as offering a 99% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee, where anyone, for any reason, can return a bottle of Valenzano Wine to the winery for a full refund or exchange if they didn't enjoy the wine. "We have a full selection of wines in our tasting room. We don't guarantee that everyone will like every wine we produce, but we are certain that can find anyone a wine selection they are sure to enjoy."

When asked what about the other 1% Anthony Valenzano suggests, "1% of people prefer to be unsatisfied, so technically we are giving them what they want as well" It's this refreshing unorthodox humor that makes Valenzano Winery stand out from others in the wine industry.

Valenzano's non-traditional feel and unorthodox take on the wine industry is what attracts so many new wine drinkers to their winery and tasting room. Not many people want to visit a hoity-toity wine tasting where the wine tender makes you feel uninformed and uneducated. At Valenzano Winery, the tasting room staff will answer basic questions about the wine, take you on an informal walk through the winery, and admit that the key to enjoying wine and food is to, "find a wine you like, find a food you like, and most importantly find a person you 'like' that you can share them with. We leave our competitors the chore of over-thinking wine into more than it should be", says Anthony.

Valenzano's goals moving forward are to expand our vineyards and our commitment to south Jersey agriculture while developing new wines and tastes for our loyal customers. Anthony emphasizes, "Our new winery technology, processing & packaging equipment have helped us to increase quality while at the same time reducing costs." This is a savings which they are happy to pass onto their customers. Valenzano Winery encourages family and friends to visit for a complimentary wine tasting where visitors can relax in their tasting room with great wine and stimulating conversation.

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Bari Wine Pub at Valenzano Winery
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