The Valenzano family has been farming i

A Family Tradition

The Valenzano family has been farming in Burlington County since the early 1970's and our ties to the community are significant. Our customers have made us a successful business. It's therefore our responsibility to ensure that we run our company with sustainability and accountability at the forefront of our goals.

Our Wine Categories

Our Wine Categories

A new dimension of east-coast winemaking

Wine Categories


Classic wine styles crafted by the Valenzano family (Vegan, Non- GMO, Gluten Free Wines)


Fruit-forward with luscious sweetness; crafted from north American grape varieties (Vegan, Non-GMO, Gluten Free Wines)


Modern, fun, and flavorful fruit wines. (Vegan, Non-GMO, Gluten Free Wines)


For our Destinations series we sourced grapes from some of the best growing regions for specific wine. The result is a first class flight of wines perfect for any destination. (Vegan, Non-GMO, Gluten Free Wines)


For our Destinations series we sourced grapes from some of the best growing regions for specific wine. The result is a first class flight of wines perfect for any destination. (Vegan, Non-GMO, Gluten Free Wines)

Jersey Devil Ports

Limited release port style wines with local flavors. Fortified with grape spirits. (Non-GMO, Gluten Free Wines)

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Gluten Free · Non-GMO · Vegan Friendly

Valenzano's non-traditional feel

Valenzano's non-traditional feel and unorthodox take on the wine industry is what attracts so many new wine drinkers to their tasting room. Nobody wants to visit a hoity-toity wine tasting where the Wine Tender makes you feel uninformed and uneducated. At Valenzano Winery, the Wine Tenders will answer basic questions about the wine and admit that the key to enjoying wine and food is to "find a wine you like, find food you like, and most importantly find a person you 'like' that you can share them with." We leave our competitors the chore of over-thinking wine into more than it should be.

We attribute the success of our tasting room to our casual and approachable interpretation of wine tasting. We do not get caught up in meaningless accolades and 'group think' regarding wine. We make wines that we think consumers will enjoy, share and be able to afford. We produce every day table wines to reserve oak-aged blend. Valenzano is known for setting trends - not copying them!

Valenzano Winery currently has over 35 wines that are available for sampling and purchase at our tasting room facility.

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A Wine For All Tastes

Valenzano Family Winery prides itself on our ability to create fine wines in a variety of styles and tastes. With over 35 wines available for sampling you probably won't be a fan of every style of wine we produce, but we are pretty certain you will find at least a few wines you absolutely love. The best part about visiting our winery is our amazing staff that will spend a few minutes determining your tastes and then they will help identify a list of wines for you to try.

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What People Are Saying

What People Are Saying

Kristi M.

This is my favorite winery. They have the best wine, food, ambiance and staff. I love their tastings and dinners and wish we didn't have to move. I will definitely be ordering online. They have a wine for every taste bud, I'd encourage everyone to give them a try. This vineyard has always been great to the military as well. They have always donated wine to our holiday parties too. Thank you.

Mike D.

This place was awesome, great owners and we did a wine tasting that was incredible. The wine tasting was so well throughout from talking about the process from start to finish and the presentation was second to none. For each of the wine tasting the presentation was above expectations, providing foods to compliment the wine and enhance the flavors not just to taste but how the interaction between the wine and the snack changed the experience of the tasting. They have dry wines which compared to those expensive one this fits right in. Also if your a sweet wine kind of person this is the spot to hit. We must of tried like 10 different types of sweet wines all unique to themselves. One wine paired with a pretzel filled with peanut butter tastes like a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. This is a must try and don't let the drive scare you if your coming from afar.

Helen B.

I have purchased Valenzano wines from several festivals in the past so I was familiar with their wines. My favorite was Plum's Up. When I had the opportunity to go on a tour/tasting with my daughter and friends, I was looking forward to it knowing I would enjoy the wines. I have been to a number of wine tastings, in Canada, North Carolina, and on cruise ships. Some were better than others, but no complaints, all were fun. Valenzano is THE best hands down! Dan's descriptive monologue was entertaining and moving. HIs descriptions of the food pairings was mouth watering. The food itself was delightful. And the wines, delectable. Our group purchased 3 bottles and a couple glasses after the tasting as well as several orders of food to snack on. We were supposed to get a gift bag with a bottle of wine and 2 glasses per couple, but each of us got a bag. Then, we all went home with several bottles that we purchased. We are planning at least 2 more trips, even thought it is an more than an hour's ride for us. Can't wait to go to the wine festival in September.

Catherine "Catphilly" J.

My boyfriend and I popped in last Wednesday early afternoon on our way to Atlantic City. I'm so glad that we did! We did a wine tasting and had a most enjoyable time with Robert. We also split a cheese tray for a snack.

Both of us like the drier wines and Robert was very knowledgeable and guided us directly to the wines that we liked. We walked out with 3 bottles!

We plan to return for a Thursday night dinner and can't wait!

Jacklin A.

Same here for a few hours on a beautiful Sunday and had an excellent experience.

The facility itself is very pretty and modern. There's a large tasting room and lots of indoor and outdoor seating. They serve food as well.

You can do a wine tasting for $10 (8 wines), but if you buy a bottle ($9-15), then the tasting is free, so absolutely buy a bottle.

I love the wine variety here. If you like dry or sweet or fruity, there's really something for everyone. The bartender also gave us some fun pairings (dark chocolate with the port, peanut butter pretzels with the concord wine etc), which made for an awesome tasting.

The shamong red, peach Pinot, and blackberry Syrah were my favorites (I prefer sweet wine). Definitely worth a little day trip!!

Winery, Tasting Room & Wine Pub Hours

Winery, Tasting Room & Wine Pub Hours

Winery Shop & Curbside Hours:

Wine Shop & Curbside Hours:
Sunday: 11am-5pm
Monday - Wednesday: 12-5pm
Thursday - Saturday 11am-5pm

Bari Wine Pub at Valenzano Winery
Summer Kitchen Hours:
Thursday-Saturday: 11am-5pm
Sunday: 11am-4pm
(Kitchen will be closed for a reset July 29 - August 8)

Wine Bar at Valenzano Winery
Sunday: 11am-5pm
Monday-Wednesday: 12-4pm
Thursday: 11am-5pm
Friday & Saturday: 11am-5pm