Tasting Options

Large Group Tasting Options

Large Group Tasting Options are offered based on available reservation. Individuals interested in visiting in large groups are advised to call ahead to the winery to make a reservation. These options require a reservation made within two weeks of the visit along with a non-negotiable $50/$60 non-refundable deposit to secure the date/time slot with remaining balance due at arrival, to allow our team to be effectively prepared to share your visit and experience with us at the winery. Each large group option includes incentives for you and your participants including food items, souvenir glasses and additional tasting options. Please inquire for details when requesting and/or booking your reservation.

These fees are NOT waived with purchase. If you have additional questions prior to calling to book & make downpayment, please contact Danny at [email protected].

  • 7-10 person groups are $10+tax per participant ($50 deposit required)
  • 11-15 person groups are $15+tax per participant ($50 deposit required)
  • 16+ persons are $20+tax per participant. ($60 deposit required)

Please note – large groups who do not make reservation and follow the prescribed policies will experience a wait of up to 45 mins to be served, and may not share the same order, placement, or arrangement of service when it becomes available. Patrons intentionally maneuvering around these policies will be provided the best service we can offer, once their attendance does not inconvenience or impair the experience of other patrons and staff complying with our policies.