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Valenzano Winery Voice of Business Award

Valenzano Winery Voice of Business Award


Private Party Menu – Thursday Night Dinners

Below is our house menu which is available for your private party on Thursday evenings.  Private events during any other date must acquire menus and pricing from our caterers listed at www.valenzanowine.com/hosting 

Large Party Menu




Contact [email protected] to make your private party reservation.



‘Bramble On’ Raspberry Wine Back In Stock

Our 2015 ‘Bramble On’ Raspberry Wine was released on March 8, 2016.  This wine is made from mostly red raspberries.  The previous vintage was made from mostly black raspberries.  The fruit and juice was noticeably lighter in color this year.  We feel it has the same distinctly rich raspberry taste as the previous vintage but you will notice the wine is more ‘red’ as opposed to ‘black’ in color.  There is a very limited amount of this wine available and will most likely be sold out by summer.  It will be almost another year before we have another batch of raspberry wine back in stock.  At this time we are not certain if we will be able to acquire enough black or red raspberries to make a 2016 vintage.



How can I be a craft or food vendor at Valenzano events?

Valenzano Winery hosts and participates in dozens of festivals in south Jersey every year.  At many of these events we partner with unique vendors, crafters, food trucks and restaurants.

If you want to be considered as a craft vendor or food truck for one of our events, the best place to start is on the event page of the event your are seeking participation in.  All of our events are posted at valenzanowine.com/events .  If we are in the process of accepting vendors for these events there will be a link on each specific event page.    If you see an event posted that does not have any links to be a crafter or food vendor than 1) we may not have applications available yet, or 2) vending opportunities are sold out.   Your best way to know which of the two is the case is by signing up for our newsletter (at the bottom of this page) or by liking our facebook page.

With that said, the best way to become a  part of Valenzano Winery events is to stop by the winery during business hours, introduce yourself, and join us for a wine tasting.  Meeting our staff, managers and customers goes a long way and allows you to see why Valenzano Family Winery has become a destination in south Jersey.  Our goal is to only work with high quality and extremely reputable businesses.  Taking the time to support our brand, meet our team, and introduce your company will seperate you from other vendors.  Calling on the phone or sending us a Facebook message may work if we are looking for exactly what you have; but it is not very often that we are actively seeking new vendors.  We prefer long term relationships with out vendors.  Learning about our wines and our winery is the first step to build this relationship.

If you are a food truck and want to sign up for our ‘food truck email list’ please email pictures of your rig, menus and any other promo material to [email protected] with ‘food truck’ in the subject line.  If we are short food vendors for specific events we will send out an email to this contact list listing vending opportunities.   Keep in mind that this email will be sent after the original announcements through our main newsletter and our facebook page.

Thursday Night Dinners Are Back!

The wait is over — Thursday Night Dinners have returned! This weekly tradition features mouth-watering dishes served in the calm, relaxed atmosphere of the tasting room. Of course, no great meal is complete without a great wine to pair with it; underneath each item on the menu is our top-rated recommendation to perfectly compliment that dish. If you can’t decide which of the many Valenzano wine offerings to go with, don’t worry: we’ve created a wine pairing experience just for you! You can choose from our recommendations or select your own to create a flight of 3 wines. There’s no way to go wrong!

Between the incredible food, the beautiful winery scenery, and the perfectly-paired, fantastic wines, you can be sure you’ll have a dinner experience that you won’t soon forget. Come let our family make your next Thursday evening a special one!

For more information or to make a reservation, call 609-268-6731 between 11:00am-5pm or visit the The Thursday Night Dinners Listing Page.

How do I reserve a WineFest Private Party Tent

eventpreviewThat is the question, isn’t it?  The reason most people don’t know the answer is because there are less tents available than people who want to rent one. For this reason we make the process to acquire one a little obscure.  This tends to weed out the people who only ‘kinda want a tent’ vs. the people  ‘who really, really need a private party tent to host their WineFest party’.  With that said, the process is as follows:

Sometime in January (maybe February or March) we will send out an email newsletter providing the date that WineFest Private Party Tents go on sale.  Most likely this will be a first/come, first/serve sale day and most likely tents will sell out that day.  The only way to receive this newsletter is to sign up to receive it.  You can do this by entering your name in the signup box on our homepage at www.valenzanowine.com.  We will also make one Facebook post about the Private Party Tent sale day.  This provides 2 methods for you to stay informed about the sale.

It is possible we may change the way we sell Private Party Tents and offer them for sale online only on a specific date.  If this is the case we will make that announcement via newsletter and one Facebook post.

As usual, we retain the right to change our policies at any time regarding WineFest and other public events.  We may even go so far as to change the text in a post that you thought you read to something completely different, which you will have no definitive way to tell has been changed – screenshots withstanding.  Of course we will try not to do any such thing; but, we just want you to know, it is a possibility.