New Vintage Shamong Red Reserve

Due to the growing conditions of 2016 for the Ives grape – our current vintage of Shamong Red Reserve will be slightly lighter in color than the previous 3 vintages. Shamong Red Reserve is a blend of Ives and concord.  shamong_shamongredreserve_transThe Ives grapes give the wine a distinct ‘cotton candy’ taste and smell and provided s a richer, jammier body and bouquet.  The taste of our 2016 should remain consistent but you will notice a slight variate in color from last years.  A very limited amount of this wine will be available so it will most likely be sold out from November ’17 – March ’18, with a new vintage being released in April 2018.

Please remember that grape growing conditions change every year so you best bet is to plan an annual visit the the winery where you can sample all of the wines that we have to offer before making a purchase.  We are also offering winery tours Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays which end with a private wine tasting and pairing.  This highly reviewed tour is a great reason to plan your next trip to the vineyards.