For the many patient guests who have called in and those who have posted here on Facebook,
When you arrive at the Jubilee this weekend – you will be greeted at the door by one of the crew who will ask if you are drinking – at which point you will be asked to provide ID and $5, this is the Tasting Fee being collected ahead of time, and you will then be wrist banded. NO ONE without a wrist band will be served wine as this will be the verification for staff that your tasting fee was collecting and your ID reviewed.
Those not drinking are welcome to swing in and see the vendors without paying $5 – however you will not be served at any bar.
The tasting fee is NOT waived with purchase.
Thanks for your support and patience as always – especially when we are paving a new route for a new event.
-Danny & the Crew

Fireworks Festival – VIP Party

Enjoy Valenzano Winery’s Fireworks Festival in style with your reserved use of our newly renovated Vintner’s Pavilion and Courtyard.  This area will be cordoned off for the exclusive use of you and your guests with a spectacular view of south Jersey’s favorite low-altitude fireworks display.


Jubilee Vendors


How do i reserve a Private Party Tent for WINEFESTNJ ?

That is the question, isn’t it?  The reason most people don’t know the answer is because there are less tents available than people who want to rent one. For this reason we make the process to acquire one a little obscure.  This tends to weed out the people who only ‘kinda want a tent’ vs. the people  ‘who really, really need a private party tent to host their WINEFESTNJ party’.  With that said, the process is as follows:

Sometime in January (maybe February or March) we will send out an email newsletter providing the date that WineFest Private Party Tents go on sale.  On this date, Private Party Tents will go on sale on our website and will be sold on a first come / first served basis.   This may be done at a weird time.  Last year it was at midnight on a Sunday evening.  Again, we do this to make your chances of acquiring a tent much higher.  Most likely tents will sell out the same day that they are released.

The only way to receive this email is to sign up to receive our newsletter or to ‘like’ our official facebook page.  You can do this by entering your name in the signup box on our homepage at  We will also make one Facebook post about the Private Party Tent sale day at .  This provides 2 methods for you to stay informed about the sale.

As usual, we retain the right to change our policies at any time regarding WineFest and other public events.  We may even go so far as to change the text in a post that you thought you read to something completely different, which you will have no definitive way to tell has been changed – screenshots withstanding.  Of course we will try not to do any such thing; but, we just want you to know, it is a possibility.  Our only goal at WineFest is to provide the best possible experience for the most amount of people possible.

For more information please visit