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WineFestNJ 2018 Private Party Tents and Tables

WINEFESTNJ 2018 PRIVATE PARTY TENTS SALE DATE: March 18, 2018 at 10:00PM Private Party Tents & Private Party Tables for WineFestNJ 2018 will go on sale Sunday, March 18th 2018 at 10:00pm. – Private Party Tents will be sold online only. – Private Party Tents will be sold on a first-come/first-serve basis only. Only one […]

How do I register as a craft vendor or food truck?

Are you a crafter or food vendor that is interested in particpating at Valenzano Winery’s festivals and events?  If so you can register for our events right on our website.  Each event we host is listed at www.valenzanowine.com/events . Information for crafters and food trucks is posted on each of these event pages. FAQ: Q:  How […]

How do I reserve a Private Tent for WineFestNJ 2018

That is the question, isn’t it?  The reason most people don’t know the answer is because there are less tents available than people who want to rent one. For this reason we make the process to acquire one a little obscure.  This tends to weed out the people who only ‘kinda want a tent’ vs. the […]

Uber/Lyft WineFest Dropoff

We have decided to change policy a bit and will be setting up a dedicated Uber/Lyft drop off location directly in front of the Pedestrian Entrance.  This is right at the shoulder of the paved driveway.  Because we can not hold up and block traffic – busses and limos still must drive to the Main […]

Sangria Recipes & Winners

  Bee’s Needs (Danny & Lynn) 3 parts Valenzano Vidal Blanc 2 Parts Shamong White 2 parts Pinelands Blend Honey 1 parts Passionfruit Juice 1 Part Pineapple Juice   Murphy Marquez ShaMosa (John & Carlee)   2 Bottles Vidal Blanc 1 Gallon Orange Juice 1 2L 7up 4 Oranges 2 Peaches   Nancy & Shaun’s […]